This projector comparison will compare APEMAN LC350 with APEMAN LC550, to see which mini projector is better. As portable mini projectors, APEMAN LC350 and APEMAN LC550 differ in many other aspects, this projector comparison will review both of them from the following perspectives.


Both APEMAN LC350 projector and APEMAN LC550 projector are shaped in a white cuboid, with one single kickstand attached to the bottom. APEMAN LC350 projector weighs 1kg and APEMAN LC550 weighs 1.2kg. In terms of appearance and portability, APEMAN LC350 and APEMAN LC550 are similar with each other, and they are small enough for you to carry around to set up an outdoor movie theater or to add fun to you camping.


APEMAN official website uses real lumens to describe the brightness of their products, we don’t know whether the real lumens is similar to ANSI lumens or there is a large gap between them. Let’s stick to the official acclamation of APEMAN in this comparison. APEMAN LC350 offers 70 lumens and APEMAN LC550 offers 100 lumens. APEMAN LC550 is slight brighter than APEMAN LC350.

Lamp type & Lamp life

APEMAN LC350 and APEMAN LC550 are equipped with LED lamp as the light source. One of the biggest advantages of LED lamps is super long lamp lifetime. APEMAN LC350 has a lamp lifetime that is up to 30000 hours, while APEMAN LC550 has a lamp lifetime of 20000 hours

Resolution & Display technology

LCD display technology is adopted by both APEMAN LC350 and APEMAN LC550. LCD display technology is commonly adapted by cheap projectors. In terms of resolution, APEMAN LC350 offers 480p image resolution, while APEMAN LC550 offers 720p image resolution. APEMAN LC550 has a higher resolution than APEMAN LC350 does. In addition, APEMAN LC350 and APEMAN LC550 has a contrast ratio of 1000:1.


APEMAN LC350 has ports including HDMI/USB/VGA/TF/AV/Audio(3.5mm), and APEMAN LC550 provides users with almost the same connectivity, except that APEMAN LC550 has 2 HDMI ports.

  • Conlusion:

APEMAN LC350 and APEMAN LC550 are featured with manual focus adjustment, as well as vertical manual±15 degrees keystone correction. APEMAN LC350 is sold for $76.99 and APEMAN LC550 is a little more expensive with the price tag of $89.99. However, APEMAN LC550 has higher resolution and brightness than APEMAN LC350.