Jinhoo projector is a popular multimedia projector for home entertainment. You can use and set up the projector according to the following steps.

Jinhoo Projector Setup Method

This article takes the common front projection mode as an example.

projector projection modes
  1. Place the projector on a table and plug its power cord into the socket.
  2. Hang the screen ahead of the Jinhoo projector. You can also project on the wall directly.
  3. Turn on the Jinhoo projector.
  4. Adjust the image by rolling the focus knob or keystone knob if the image is blurry or irregular.
  5. Connect the projector to your external devices, such as a TV stick, TV box, smartphone, USB flash drive, computer, etc.
  6. Then, the setup is completed.
Jinhoo Projector Setup Method

If you want to adopt ceiling or rear projection, you need to get a ceiling mount kit and a special rear projection screen. Then, you need to select the corresponding projection mode on the Jinhoo projector.

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