Meer YG300 mini projector is one of the best sellers in terms of video projectors on Amazon. This post will analyze its performance from different perspectives.

Meer YG300


The projector adopts a contrast color of yellow and white, whose overall design style is fashionable and young. The style of Meer YG300 is suitable for modern home decoration.

Meer YG300 image

Meer YG300 measures 4.7*3.4*1.9inches (12.6*8.6*4.8 cm) and weighs just 0.29 Kg. You can hold it with one hand easily or put it in your handbag, which is very portable.

The projector has several strip-hollowed vents on the back panels and side panels, bringing quick heat dissipation.


Meer YG300 adopts LCD technology and an LED light source, which has a native resolution of 240P. But the projector supports 1080P resolution. In view of that it has 400 lumens in terms of brightness, the projector is suitable for use at night. With a contrast of 800:1 and 16.7K colors, it delivers colorful images. You can adjust the image by rolling the focus ring on the right side.

Meer YG300 projector review

It requires at least 1m to project a 24-inch screen. The maximum screen size is 80 inches. The optional aspect ratios include 4:3 and16:9.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Meer YG300 projector is equipped with USB, microSD, HDMI, and AV ports, which is compatible with smartphones, laptops, tablets, DVD players, game consoles, and more. If you want to connect the projector to your phone, you can get an HDMI adapter.

Meer YG300 projector interface

The projector is equipped with 3.5mm headphones and Built-in Speaker, which is convenient to play music or videos on the projector.

Meer YG300

It is a pity that the projector doesn’t support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

It has no built-in battery, but you can use a power bank or wall charger to charge the projector.


Meer YG300 is a portable mini projector, which features a small size and fashionable design, but its image quality, brightness, and wireless connectivity are not so good. In addition, it has no built-in battery. However, it is still a good choice in view of its low pricing.

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