To replace lens of Balder CinemaScope projector, you have to learn about the lens lever firstly. The Balder lens mount and lens lever is designed to prevent damage to the lens board while providing an easy and stable lens change procedure.

The lens lever, located at the bottom of the lens mount (ref. ) slides between two positions, far left (default position — unlocked) and far right (locked).

Install a lens

  1. Verify that the projector shutter is activated (shutter is activated when the shutter icon on the projector keypad is red).
  2. Verify that the lens release lever is in its default position at the far left of the slide, as illustrated.
  3. Remove the protective cap at the lens bayonet end
  4. Align the lens so that the red marking on the bayonet is facing upwards.
  5. Position the lens bayonet into the projector lens mount and support in place with one hand.
  6. Slide the lens lever to the far right.
  7. Verify that the lens is firmly in place before removing your hand from the lens.

Remove a lens

  1. Support the lens with one hand.
  2. Use the other hand to slide the lens release lever to the far left position.
  3. Pull the lens straight out of the projector lens mount.
  4. Replace with another lens, or install the projector lens cap