Formovie, a projector brand, has partnered with NanoAR (Photonic Crystal), a fully transparent projection display supplier, and released a transparent projection TV on 20th October 2021.

The transparent projection TV carries NanoAR Transparent Photonic Display technology, which makes the TV a piece of art.

Formovie has been continuously exploring at home laser projector area, introducing ALPD laser display technology into the home projectors.  ALPD can deliver images with a wider color gamut and higher contrast, making a home projector into a home theater.

NanoAR is the world’s first fully transparent projection display technology. It produces vivid, detailed images onto fully transparent glass or plastic media so that the virtual information appears to overlap with the real world.

This New TV incorporates TV and projector into an artistic new product. It has ultra-short throw and a transparent screen.

In the future, Formovie will further cooperate with NanoAR and develop more interesting and cutting-edge products.