There are two kinds of 0.47 inch DMD chips, one is 0.47 inch DMD 1080p, and the other is 0.47 inch DMD 4K. There is still a big difference between the two.

The 0.47-inch DMD 1080p can be found on the TI official website. One is the DLP4710 and the other is the DLP470NE. Although both are 0.47-inch, the DLP4710 is designed to be only suitable for micro operation. The design maximum lumen is about 1500, while the DLP470NE is much more advanced. The design can be applied to 4000 lumen machines.

0.47-inch DMD 4K is a chip that has not been on the market for a long time. Its standard resolution is 1920×1080. Ti is 4K realized by XPR technology. Two models, DLP470TP and DLP470TE, can also be found on the TI official website. The maximum brightness of DLP470TP is only 1500 lumens, which is basically only suitable for micro projection, while the maximum lumen of DLP470TE can support 4000 lumens. DLP470TE is widely used in 4K models of traditional home theater projectors