Projectors are widely used in households. Many projector beginners need to adjust the image size or screen size during use.

This article will list the three common methods to change the screen size of projectors.

Method 1

Change the position of Projectors

According to the imaging principle of the projector, the closer the distance from the screen, the smaller the image.

The farther the distance, the bigger the image. Therefore, if the space of your room is large enough, you can move the projector far away from the screen.

This method is convenient and simple, which is the common method to change the projector image. 

Method 2

Adjust Projector System Setting

If the physical throw distance is fixed, you can turn to the system setting of your projector.

You can find the setting by means of the remote control and select size adjustment or image adjustment. Then you can change the image size manually.

Method 3

Adjust Resolution of External Devices

This method is applicable when you connect your projector to some external devices, for example, a computer. You can adjust the resolution in the computer display setting. Then, the image of the projector will change accordingly during connection.

That’s all for the three methods. You can use one of the three methods according to different occasions.