Samsung Freestyle projector supports sound output. If you find the projector has no sound, you can check the following items.

Samsung Freestyle Projector

1. If you are using an external device, check the device’s audio output option.

For example, you may need to change your cable box’s audio option to HDMI if the box connected to your Projector is using an HDMI cable. Reboot the connected device by disconnecting and then reconnecting the device’s power cable. With a set-top box or cable box, check the cable connection and reboot the external device.

Samsung Freestyle Projector No Sound

2. HDMI (eARC) is connected, and there is no sound.

It is recommended to set Digital Output Audio Format to Auto if only a limited audio format is supported depending on the performance of the connected soundbar or A/V receiver according to the path below:

Menu>Settings>All Settings>Sound>Expert Settings>Digital Output Audio Format>Auto

3. If the sound is odd, you can run a Sound Test on the Samsung Freestyle projector to find the problem.

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