Please check the list below to troubleshoot the issue when you experience the following symptoms during use of the internet browser on LG CineBeam Projector. It may not be a failure.

LG CineBeam Projector

1. Some parts of a particular website are not visible when I am using the Internet.

•        The Web Browser supports only HTML5 media and not Flash Plug-in.

•        The Web Browser does not support plug-in installation.

•        On the Web Browser, it may not be possible to play media files in formats other than JPEG/PNG/GIF

•        You cannot save attachments or images.

•        If the [Use Block Ads] feature is turned on, the area on the website that appears to show an ad will appear blank. If some of the content of the website is blocked and is not displayed, try setting → [Settings] → [Use Block Ads] to [Off] in [Web Browser]. Even if [Use Block Ads] is set to [Off], [Sponsored AD] on the new tab page will be displayed.

2. When watching a video in Web Browser, the video is forced off.

 • You may be able to fix this by setting → [Settings] → [Adaptive Streaming using JavaScript] to [Off] in [Web Browser]. The setting is not applied to tabs that were open before the change, and is only applied to tabs opened after the change.

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