With the control keys on the projector and remote control locked, you can prevent your projector settings from being changed accidentally (by children, for example). This guide will show you how to use panel key lock on Cannon LX-MU500Z Projector.

When the Panel Key Lock is on, no control keys on the projector and remote control will operate except for the POWER button.

Steps to activate panel key lock

  1. To release panel key lock, press any key of the projector once to display the panel key lock warning.
  2. With the warning being displayed, press Right button on the projector or remote control again. (Press and hold the key on the projector for 3 seconds.).

And for your information, the keys on the remote control are still in use when panel key lock is enabled. If you turn off the projector without disabling panel key lock, the projector will still be in locked status the next time it is turned on.

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