Samsung’s The Premiere (model number SP-LSP9T) ultra-short-throw 4K laser projector (RRP £6999) which covers 98% of the Rec.2020 color space from its triple RGB laser light source, surpassing even the color gamut coverage of reference mastering monitors. Topics covered in this review include:

0:00 Samsung’s The Premier covers 98% Rec2020!

1:19 Colour accuracy

2:34 Contrast & black level from 0.66″ DLP chip

3:29 Motion performance

4:50 Laser light source eccentricities

6:16 Video processing including upscaling

7:12 HDR presentation

8:38 Game mode input lag

9:03 Design including remote control

11:17 Samsung Smart Hub

11:43 Sound quality

12:15 Summary

Video Author: HDTVTest