Remote is a frequently-used part of NEC projectors. In this guide, we will share how to troubleshoot the problem of the NEC projector remote not working.

NEC Projector Remote Not Working Troubleshooting

  • The remote may be out of power, and you can try to replace a new pair of batteries.
  • Check the pointing orientation. The remote should be pointed to the IR signal receiver. Generally, the remote signal receivers are located at the front panel or back panel instead of the side panels.
  • The signal of the remote may be blocked by the barriers. Please remove all the blocks between the path of the projector and the remote.
  • Check the distance between the projector and the remote. The distance can’t be too far.
  • Avoid strong light or fluorescent light when using the remote.  
  • If you are connecting the projector to a TV stick, you need to use the remote of the TV stick.
  • The NEC projector may have a lag. You can restart the NEC projector and try again.
  • The remote may be broken, and you can buy a new remote for the projector.

That’s all for the solutions to the NEC projector remote not working.

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