This tip will show you how to set up the Hisense PX1 Auto Power On.

Enabling Hisense PX1 Laser TV auto power on

  1. Press button to select icon, and select Inputs > TV auto power on.
  2. Set to On to turn on the TV when CEC compatible external devices is turned on.
Sound that Places you Inside the Action

Also you can enable HDMI&CEC compatible device auto power off, see the steps below:

  1. Presshome button to select settings icon, and select Inputs > Device auto power off.
  2. Set to On to turn off CEC compatible external devices when the TV is turned off.

HDMI cables must be used to connect HDMI&CEC compatible devices to your TV. The HDMI&CEC feature of the connected device must be turned on. If you connect an HDMI device that is not HDMI&CEC compatible, all the HDMI&CEC control features do not work. Depending on the connected HDMI device, the HDMI&CEC control feature may not work. The HDMI&CEC feature are supported One Touch Play, Routing Control, System Standby, Device OSD Name Transfer, Remote Control Pass Through, Give Device Power Status, System Audio Control.

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