The biggest disadvantage of projector is the low brightness. Some budget LCD projector usually has LED as light source and has low brightness. How to improve projector image?

You need to check the brightness of the projector. If the brightness is lower than 1,000 lumens, then you’d better use it during the night.

Here are some tips on how to improve projector image.

Adjust the Focus

What you need to do first when turning on the projetcor is to adjust the focus, which helps you to adjust the image clarity. Some high-end projectors have a auto-focus function while most budget projectors are equipped with manual focus.

Lower the ambient light

If you are using the projector at night, then you need to turn off the lights, but if you are using the projector during the daytime, then you need to roll down the curtain to block the strong sunlight.

Get a Screen

If you want to improve the image quality during the daytime, then you can hang up an ALR screen. The ALR screen can reject most light and improve the projection image greatly.

Adjust Image Mode

Generally, a projector has many optional image modes, and you can choose one of the image modes based on your preference. For example, you can choose movie mode when watching movies, or you can choose Bright Mode when you use the projector during the daytime.

That’s all for the guide on how to improve projector image. You can refer to the projector buying guide to know more about projectors.

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