If you are looking to connect your phone to Auking mini projector wirelessly, this guide would help you finish the task. First you may need to prepare a Wi-Fi adapter, then you could follow the following steps.

Auking mini projector

Steps to connect phone to Auking mini projector wirelessly

  1. Short press the power button until the LED indicator goes out, then wait for 5 seconds.
  2. Press “S” button on the top of Auking mini projector to enter the menu of input source.
  3. Press “OK” button to enter HD signal source.
  4. Plug the Wi-Fi adapter into the HD port of Auking mini projector so that the projector is featured with WiFi connection.
  5. Open your phone to enter the setting of network, choose the Wi-Fi adapter form your network list, enter the password. (You may refer to the manual of the WiFi adapter to find the initiate password.)

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