This guide introduces troubleshooting solutions for common problems, helping you to find the problem quickly.

1. Projector Won’t Turn On

  • If the projector cannot be turned on normally, check the power connection status and battery condition.
  • Check whether the projector is overheated or not.

2. Irregular Image

  • If the projection image and the screen are not matched, you can adjust the keystone correction.
  • Make sure the projector and your screen are aligned.
  • Check the aspect ratio of the projection image.
  • If the projection image fails to occupy the screen, then you can adjust the height or angle of the projector.

3. Auto Shutdown

  • Check whether there is a problem with the power supply.
  • Make sure the projection environment temperature is normal. Most projectors have overheating protection and will shut down automatically.

4. Image Flicker or Noise

  • The connection cable is too long, resulting in signal attenuation.
  • It may be caused by limited bandwidth and requires a new cable.

5. Blurry Image

  • Check whether the projector focus is adjusted.
  • If the projector lens is dirty, clean the lens and projector filter.
  • Check whether the projection image is too big or too small.

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6. Projector Lagging

  • There may be too many cache or garbage files after long-term use.
  • Check the memory and optimize the operation.

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