Dangbei Mars Pro features 4K resolution, auto focus, auto keystone, and other smart features. This guide will introduce some tips to achieve the best image effect.

Dangbei Mars Pro Best Image Adjustment Guide

How to achieve the best image quality?

A darker environment helps to improve the viewing effect and image quality.

Setting a proper image size. The recommended screen size of the Mars Pro should be within the range of 80″-150″, and best in 100″. To achieve the best image quality, the suggested projection distance is 80″@7.22ft,100″@9.19ft, 150″@13.78ft, 200″@17.3ft.

Clean the lens regularly to avoid dust accumulation and blurry images.

How to make the Image Fit the Screen Quickly?

The projector and the screen should be aligned, and the height of the projector should be proper.

Make sure your projection screen has a colored border/frame on all four sides so that the projector can recognize the frame.

Go to “Settings >> Keystone Correction >> Advanced”, then turn on “Fit to Screen”.

Make sure the projector is placed at the correct projection distance so that the projected image extends beyond the edges of the screen by at least 5cm, and the red box pattern is within the screen frame.

Select Automatic correction, and the image will automatically enter the frame.

How to avoid refocusing every time turning on the projector?

Go to “Settings > Focus > Advanced”, and turn off the “Auto Focus after power on”.

After setting the focus and keystone correction for the first time, the projector will automatically remember the set image size if you have not moved the projector or the screen, so you do not need to refocus or keystone correct for the next use.

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