If you are looking to connect your phone to Auking mini projector, this guide will be helpful. You can connect your phone to Auking mini projector via 3 in 1 cable, how to achieve this? please keep reading.

Auking mini projector

Steps to connect phone to Auking mini projector via 3 in 1 cable

  1. Short press the power button until the LED indicator goes out, then wait for 5 seconds.
  2. Press “S” button on the top of Auking mini projector to enter the menu of input source.
  3. Press “OK” button to enter HD signal source.
  4. Plug the 3 in 1 cable into the HD port of Auking mini projector.
  5. Choose the one of the 3 ports on the other end of cable according to the phone you plan to connect, then plug it into your phone.

With assistance of 3 in 1 cable, no matter what type of phone you have, Android, iPhone or Huawei, you can easily connect them to the Auking mini projector.

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