How Much Power Does a Projector Use

Many projector beginners wonder how much power a projector use. This guide will collect and conclude the common power of projectors available on the market, helping you to know the power consumption of common projectors.

How Much Power Does a Projector Use?

The power consumption is determined by the work and power of the device. According to the formula, Total Work Done (W) = Power (P) x Time (t). Generally, a portable projector or pico projector consumes more power than a big projector or complex projector. For projectors, the power consumption is determined by the optical machine, light engine, speakers, fans, and more.

If the light source of a projector is fixed, the higher the brightness, the more power consumption. That’s because the light output and heat dissipation require more power.

Then, let’s check the Power of common projectors for different types. We find popular projector models on the market for different types and chart them as shown below.

Portable Projectors

Emotn H1

Most portable projectors feature a small body and average configuration. Generally, they are small and lightweight, which is better to carry outside.

According to the table below, most portable projectors have 50-60W of power, which consumes about 0.05-0.065 KWh.

Projector NamePowerPower Consumption Per Hour
Anker Nebula Solar57W0.057 kWh
BenQ GV3065 W0.065 kWh
Emotn H165 W0.065 kWh
Samsung Freestyle50W0.05 kWh

Pico Projectors

Yaber Pico T1

Pico projectors are smaller than most portable projectors. Specifically, you can hold them with a single hand and place them on your palm.

Compared with the portable projectors above, pico projectors have smaller sizes and consume less power. For example, AAXA P7 consumes just 0.038 kWh per hour under normal conditions.

Projector NamePowerPower Consumption Per Hour
AAXA P738 W0.038 kWh
WEMAX Go Advanced65 W0.065 kWh
YABER Pico T19 W0.009 kWh
Philips Picopix Max65 W0.065 kWh

Entry-level Video Projectors

Emotn N1

Most entry-level projectors have no smart OS and feature average brightness and hardware configuration.

Here are some popular entry-level video projectors. We can find that their power consumption is bigger than pico projectors. Their power consumption per hour is about 0.11 kWh-0.135 KWh.

Projector NamePowerPower Consumption Per Hour
Emotn N1110W0.11 kWh
YABER Y21125 W0.125 kWh
GooDee YG600135 W0.135 kWh

Home Theater Projectors

Dangbei Mars Pro
Dangbei Mars Pro image

Compared to entry-level projectors, home theater projectors have improved a lot in terms of image resolution, image brightness, system, audio, and more.

These projectors usually have a smart operating system, better audio, and a good ventilation system. Therefore, its power consumption is also higher than portable projectors and some entry-level projectors. Their power consumption is about 0.12 KWh-0.385 KWh.

Projector NamePowerPower Consumption Per Hour
Epson Home Cinema 5050UB373 W0.373 kWh
Dangbei Mars pro150 W0.15 kWh
Optoma UHD35330 W0.33 kWh
BenQ X3000i385 W0.385 kWh

Laser TV Projector

Epson LS500

As a TV replacement, laser TV projectors usually have high configurations, including high brightness, powerful speakers, excellent ventilation, and more. Therefore, the integrated power consumption is high.

Then, let’s see the laser TV projector’s power consumption. We can see the average power consumption is the highest in the list.

Projector NamePowerPower Consumption Per Hour
Epson LS500366 W0.366 kWh
BenQ V7050i480 W0.48 kWh
Hisense 100L9G TriChroma320W0.32 kWh
Samsung Premiere LSP9T410W0.41 kWh

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After checking the power consumption of different types of projectors, we can conclude that Pico projectors and portable projectors have low power consumption because of their relatively simple design and small size. Laser TV projectors have the highest power consumption because of complex components and more powerful speakers. The entry-level projectors have a moderate power consumption that is similar to a common TV set.

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