HighPeak projector is hot on social media. How about this projector? The author will review the HighPeak projector from different perspectives.

HighPeak Projector Review: A Budget Mini Portable Projector

HighPeak Projector Appearance

The projector has a brief and elegant contrast color, whose design is similar to the PVO, Meer, and Porto projectors. It has three color options, including yellow, black, and Blue.

HighPeak Projector Yellow

HighPeak projector measures 4.9 x 3.3 x 1.7 inches and weighs just 8.6 oz. The weight is similar to a small bottle of water of 250ml.  The small size and lightweight design make it portable enough.

HighPeak Projector Image

HighPeak projector is rated at 900 lumens, which is only suitable for use at night. If you use the projector during the daytime, you need to close the curtain to create a dark environment.

HighPeak Projector Blue

The resolution and contrast ratio of the projector are not disclosed. The overall image quality is not good enough. The projector has a focus ring on the right side, enabling users to adjust image clarity.

It can project at most 80 inches, and the size is bigger than a common TV screen.

HighPeak Projector Connectivity

The projector is equipped with HDMI, USB, and audio interfaces, which are compatible with various devices, including mobile phones, computers, TV sticks, and more. HighPeak projector has no Wi-Fi, nor Bluetooth, which is poor in terms of wireless connectivity.

HighPeak Projector Review


HighPeak projector is priced at $64.99, a reasonable price on the market. The projector is portable but the image brightness and quality are not good enough. It is just suitable for a temporary replacement of a TV not suitable for a regular video projector as a home household appliance.

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