A projector with all-in-one qualities and the best experience is the most loving one. The portability of mini projectors makes it convenient and comfortable for users. In addition, you can enjoy a small get-together anywhere, any time. All you have to do is put the mini projector in your bag and transfer it to any place of your choice.

Keeping your convenience and ease in mind, we are here with the top 4 mini projectors for 2022. We ensure to make this list helpful when you want to buy one.

LG Cine Beam HU80SW

This all-in-one impressive mini projector with high portability and 4K capacity is breath-taking for projector lovers. Indeed, the best choice is looking for an HDR projector with high luminosity and brighter images. It’s blessed with several heavenly features you want to explore. A magic box that provides you direct access to your streaming apps and Wifi. Further, high connectivity and more excellent resolution make this mesmerizing and heart-winning.


  • High luminosity with 2500 lumens
  • 4K capacity and HDR capability
  • 1,50,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Two speakers of 7-watt
  • Netflix, Amazon, and all other video streaming apps
  • Higher resolution for films and clearer image
  • 20,000 hours lamp life.

Epson EF-12

Another bright mini projector looks like a small box is eye-catching. Not only are looks grabbing attention, but also the features are appealing. This punchy projector came with two small 5-watt speakers in the market. Furthermore, the highly impressively features in a pocket-friendly budget of $959.99 are mind-blowing. Another pie on the top is the 1080p HDR with 1000 lumens, and a trio of 3LCD is alluring.


  • 1080p HDR resolution
  • 1000 lumen
  • 3LCD
  • Bluetooth, 3.5mm
  • No battery with 10GB storage space
  • Decent sound system with two speakers of 5-watt
  • Black depth detailing of the mini projector

Nebula Mars-2

If you want to have a good blob of fun within a small budget and greater convenience, this mini projector is for you. Nebula Mars-2 is a tiny projector that looks like a small box with higher portability and a brilliant image in solid rooms. The images are more precise and efficient in darker rooms than any other. With an operating system of Android 7.1, it came with multiple connectivity options and 300-lumen brightness capacity. A resolution of 720p is enough for Netflix, Amazon, and other video streaming apps.


  • The highly affordable price of $549.
  • 720p resolution with 300 lumens
  • Impressive built-in speakers
  • Convenient, sustainable, and comfortable to use
  • Small size and high portability
Nebula Capsule

Now you can get your big screen kicks anywhere you want. Nebula capsule satisfies the need of installing a mini projector at a place of your choice. Its small size, neat design, brilliant features, and cost-efficient price range are convenient for the users. Moreover, the solid sound with the operating system of Android 7.1 is high fascinating. Maybe this box is not perfect, but its intelligent, portable, and small size makes it highly appealing and imperfectly perfect.

  • 100-lumen brightness
  • Neat design with small size
  • mini projector in mini-budget of $398.99
  • Bluetooth speaker, airplay connectivity
  • Streaming apps including Youtube, Amazon, Netflix, iplayer