CLOKOWE projector (2022 upgraded version) is one of the best sellers in Video projectors on Amazon. But many projector users don’t know to set up the projector. In this guide, we will share a guide on how to set up a CLOKOWE projector.

Here is a guide on CLOKOWE projector setup.

Place the projector on a flat surface, for example, a cabinet or a square stool. If you want to mount the projector on the ceiling, then you need to buy a mounting kit to match the hole on the projector.

Connect the projector to the power supply using the power cord.

Fix a screen in front of the projector.  If you have no screen, you can project the image onto the white wall.

Adjust the position or throw distance of the CLOKOWE projector so that the projection image and screen are matched. The CLOKOWE projector and the screen should be aligned to make sure the image is rectangular.

Adjust the focus ring of the CLOKOWE projector until the projection image gets clear.

The CLOKOWE projector has no keystone function, and therefore you need to adjust the position and pointing direction. The projector and the screen should be aligned to make the image rectangular.

As the projector has no smart system, you need to connect the projector to phone or TV stick.

Check the post How to Connect CLOKOWE Projector to iPhone to know more about the details.

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