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How to Use File Management on VAVA Chroma Projector?

VAVA Chroma Projector works on smart operating system, and is featured with file manager. On File Manager, you can manage the files in the internal

dangbei mars pro
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Best Projectors Under $2000 | Top Pick for 2023

The projectors listed below are particularly inclusive of higher-end models from leading manufacturers. Their image is exceptionally sharp and realistic. Also, the price tag of

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Best Laser Projector for 2023 – Upgrade Your Home Cinema

The laser projector is not only high in brightness, but also has a small size and low energy consumption, no need to replace the bulb,

Cannon LX-MU500Z Projector
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Watching 3D Movie on Cannon LX-MU500Z Projector from Computer – Guide

Cannon LX-MU500Z Projector is a powerful home cinema projector, this projector supports 3D content display using the DLP Link system. If you have 3D content

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VAVA Chroma Projector Image Setting Guideline

This guideline will introduce you some tips for image setting on VAVA Chroma Projector, hope it would be helpful in your daily use. Go through

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Best UST (Ultra Short Throw) Projector | Top Picks for 2023

UST is short for Ultra Short Throw. A projector that has a throw ratio of less than 0.4:1 is rated for a UST projector. The

dangbei mars pro
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The Right Way to Turn Off Projector | Projector Care Tip

Turning off a projector is never just hitting the power button. If we follow some simple tips when turning off the projector, we can prolong

ONOAYO 1080p Projector
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How to Correct the Distorted Picture of ONOAYO 1080p Projector?

When using the projector, if you find that your projected picture is distorted, no concern of the mulfunction of the device. Just resort to keystone

fangor-701-vs f601
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FANGOR 701 Projector vs FANGOR F-601 Projector: Which One is Better?

Both FANGOR 701 Projector and FANGOR F-601 Projector are powerful portable projectors, they all have a small footprint that makes it easy for users to

FANGOR 701 Projector
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FANGOR 701 Projector Speaker Connection | Complete Guideline

FANGOR 701 Projector has Dual 5-watt stereo speakers built right into it, which can be rated as powerful audio system considering its compact design. But

Acer C202i
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How to Fix Blurry Picture of Acer C202i Projector?

When using the Acer C202i projector, if you found that the blurry picture comes on the screen. No worry, because it is not that your

sony VPL-HW79
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Sony VPL-HW79 Projector | Is It Worth Buying?

The Sony VPL-HW79 provides a true to life cinema experience. Supporting Full HD and Full 3D, this projector features advanced SXRD panel technology to provide

nebula vega
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Control Anker Nebula Vega Projector by Phone Tip

Not only the remote control, you can also control Anker Nebula Vega Projector through you phone, as long as you download an App called Nebula

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Acer C202i Projector iPhone Wireless/wired Connection Guideline

Here is a guideline for you connect your iphone to Acer C202i Projector. Hope it is helpful How to Do Plug and Play on Acer

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Best Android TV Projector for Home Theater 2023

Nowadays home projectors tend to to have the built-in Android TV support as one of their key selling points. With Android TV projector, we won’t

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InFocus-IN119HD Projector Height Adjusting Tip

The InFocus-IN119HD projector is equipped with tilt-adjustment feet for adjusting the image height. Locate the tilt-adjustment foot you wish to modify on theunderside of the

Nebula Mars II Pro projector
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Anker Nebula Mars II Pro Projector Troubleshooting

Here are some problems that happens the most frequently when viwers are using Anker Nebula Mars II Pro Projector, follow the tips below you may

best 3D projector 2022
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Best 3D Projectors for Home Theater 2022

With a 3D projector, you enjoy a much more realistic movie experience thanks to its special depth. Also, the true-to-life senario simulation add great adcantage

Bell and Howell 467
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Bell and Howell Projector 476 | 8mm Film Antique Projector

Now, Projector is one of the most demanding devices in the market with different versions. Like computers and phones, projector has a long history and

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Best DLP Projectors Under $2000

We spent tens of hours reviewing DLP projectors, comparing the technical specifications in order to identify the best DLP projectors that is under $2000. We