Some users may be confused that why they can hear a noise from LG HU915QE Projector, it that the projector has some function failure?

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There two kinds of noise that LG HU915QE Projector may produce

• Electrical noise:

this is a small sound generated from the operation of the high-speed switching circuit that supplies current to the projector, and the noise may vary depending on the product. This noise is normal and does not affect the projector’s functions. LG Electronics manages the manufacturing of projectors according to strict standards. A fixed level of noise does not indicate a problem. Please understand that this does not allow you to get an exchange or refund.

• Fan sound:

to maintain the temperature inside the projector at an appropriate level, the fan sound may increase or decrease depending on the ambient temperature.

If the noise you hear belongs to these two categories, don’t worry, it is normal.

LG HU915QE Projector is a high-end professional-grade 4K laser projector without compromise. Whether it is for corporate clients such as healthcare, education, design and film and television, or for personal studios and audiophiles, the LG HU915QE Projector is a great value and premium choice.

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