You can easily and quickly access the projector’s various functions through speech recognition.Check out this HU915QE Projector voice assistant using guide.

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Using Projector Functions through Speech

1. Press and hold the (Voice recognition) button on the remote control and speak out the function you want to launch or the keyword you want to use for
your search.

2. Once you release the (Voice recognition) button after your speech input,the corresponding function is launched.

• Some models may not be supported.
• Your [Location] must correspond to the language for exact search results. Some function may not be available if your location settings and language settings are different.
• You can change the language in (Q. Settings) → [More Options] → [General] → [System] → [Language] → [Menu Language].
• The languages available for voice recognition features may be changed in accordance with service operation policy.
• You can check what features are available for voice recognition in (Q. Settings) → [More Options] → [General] → [AI Service] → [Voice Recognition Help].
• You can set voice recognition related features in (Q. Settings) → [More Options] → [General] → [AI Service] → [Voice Recognition Settings].

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