The LG HU915QE Projector is suitable for use in various types of spaces, with ease of use and flexible configuration. Its 4K resolution of 3840×2160 can bring excellent picture qualitysee dots on the screen. What if I see some dots on the LG HU915QE Projector screen image? Why does that happen and how to fix it?

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If there is a colored dot (bright dots, dark dots, stationary dots, and/or flickering dots) on the screen. It’s OK. This projector was produced with high precision technology. However, a tiny dark or bright dot may appear on the screen. This is a common occurrence due to the production process, and it does not indicate a functional failure.

To be more specific, the bright spot refers to the brightly lit dot, which is the glowing dot that is brighter than regular images. The dark spot refers to invisible or blurred point of text or objects. As for the blinking is the flashing dots.

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