What to do If FUDONI 9000L Projector is overheated? Overheating will impact the powerful performance of this FUDONI 9000L Projector. Therefore, preventing the FUDONI 9000L Projector from overheating is important.

Steps to Prevent FUDONI 9000L Projector from Overheating

  1. Make sure that the intake vents do not recycle hot air from the exhaust vent.
  2. All enclosures should pass a certified thermal evaluation to ensure that the projector does not recycle exhaust air, as this may cause the device to shutdown even if the enclosure temperature is with the acceptable operation temperature range.
  3. When operating the projector in an enclosed space, ensure that the surrounding air temperature within the enclosure does not exceed operation temperature while the projector is running, and the air intake and exhaust vents are unobstructed.

You can keep your FUDONI 9000L Projector in good work condition and proling its work life by following the tips above. Hope they are helpful.

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