Yaber Pico T1 vs Emotn H1 – Let’s see which one is better.

Yaber Pico T1 is the slimmest projector, and it fits easily into pockets and backpacks. You can easily carry it around, even keep it in your pocket like a smartphone.

Yaber Pico T1 comes with HDMI (mini)*1 – Type-C *2. It can be connected through a Bluetooth connection and it is compatible with 2.4G&5G Dual-band Wi-Fi. Moreover, it comes with a Smart OS so it can work like a Smartphone, you can install Apps such as YouTube Kids, YouTube, Hulu, HBO, Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix, etc. You can also download third-party Apps to enjoy a range of content

The Emotn H1 has a built-in UI with Android version 9.0. The UI is very simple and includes WiFi, settings, time and battery, and a few other apps installed. It can be connected to iOS, Android, and Windows devices for smooth and stable screen mirroring.  The projector has a good battery life with decoding capabilities and keystone correction. It also supports HDR images which can be enough to provide a clear image view.

The Emotn H1 projector has an LCD display technology and uses LED light to achieve a brightness of 250 ANSI lumen and a 1080 pixel Full HD resolution. When projecting 4K pictures, the projectors prove to have a rich and accurate color performance. While playing 4k videos, you can find a smooth and clear image viewing experience.

For portablity, Emotn H1 is heavier and bigger than Yaber Pico T1, but in terms of image quality and sound effect, Emotn is a lot more powerful than Yaber Pico T1.

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