The ViewSonic X2 projector is equipped with screen mirroring feature, this guide will show you how to finish the task. Keep on reading this reset ViewSonic X1 projector iOS/Android phone screen casting tip.

ViewSonic X1 Projector

How to Screen Mirror Your iOS Phone to ViewSonic X2

  1. Access the drop down control menu.
  2. Select the “Screen Mirroring” icon.
  3. Choose “ViewSonic PJ-XXXX”.

How to Screen Mirror Your Android Phone to ViewSonic X2

  1. Download and install the “Google Home” application and open it.
  2. Pull-to-refresh the app and wait for 30 seconds.
  3. “ViewSonic PJ-XXXX” will now be visible, select it.
    NOTE: Some Android devices support direct “Casting”. If your device does, go to the Casting feature and choose “ViewSonic PJ-XXX” from the list of available devices. You can also scan the FAQ QR code and follow the steps to directly cast your Android device.

Screen Mirroring provides a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection for users to mirror the screen on their personal device.

ViewSonic X1 Projector

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