ViewSonic X2 Projector builds with an auto sleep timer. Via this feature you can set up auto power off on this projector.

In this case, you can set your hands free to go off the projector automatically according to your set time in the settings interface.

ViewSonic X1 Projector

How to Set Auto Power Off on ViewSonic X2 Projector

  1. Press the MENU or button to display the On-Screen Display (OSD) Menu.
  2. Press Left/ Right to select the POWER MANAGEMENT menu.
  3. Press Up/ Down button to select the menu option.
  4. Select Smart Energy, and then choose Sleep Timer.

After you switch the sleep timer to on, and set the time period after which you want it to turn off automatically, ViewSonic X2 projector will turn off after a set period of time as you need.

ViewSonic X1 Projector

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