FUDONI 9000L Projector is not featured with auto focus adjustment. Hence, users need to adjust the image focus manually. This guide will show you how to do this.

As you can see in the picture, FUDONI 9000L Projector houses a lens knob on the the top of unit, this is what we will use to adjust the focus of image. The manual rotating knob is more convenient to adjust the focus than other inner knob. The projector comes with a shutter cap that detaches.

When the lens is fully retracted, just do with the twist of a dial, once get the lens adjusted, the picture is pretty clear. Adjust the focus by turning the knob while observing the image pixels near the center of the screen. Optimal focus is obtained when the pixels are clearly visible. Stop operation when the image is clear and sharp enough.

  1. Rotate the lens knob near the projector lens, you will see the clarity of image will change along with the rolling of adjust knob.
  2. Keep rotate the knob untill the image is sharp and clear enough and then stop.
  3. Rotate the adjust knob over a little bit, you will see the image grow blurry agian, it’s great because you ‘ve find the best mark that makes the image the most crisp. Finally, rotate the knob back a little bit to make the iamge sharp as previous.

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