What is the maximum ECO sensor detection range? Why does the ECO sensor on my monitor not work as intended? The maximum distance is 120cm.

BenQ HT2050A
BenQ HT2050A specs

The maximum ECO sensor detection range is 120cm. The ECO sensor uses infrared proximity detection to calculate range based on reflection.

Because infrared rays are subject to interference due to the presence or absence of reflection, if reflected energy is weak it may not register with the ECO sensor. We recommend wearing light colored clothing as much as possible for better detection. 

What is Maximum ECO Sensor Detection Range of BenQ Projector?

What is ECO sensor of BenQ projector? ECO sensor detects users’ presence in front of the monitor within the set range. If the sensor detects no presence, the monitor is turned off in 40 seconds to save power. If the monitor is turned off by the ECO sensor, the power button flashes in green. If the ECO sensor detect no presence for over 2 hours, the monitor will be powered off. Press the power button to turn on the monitor. To check if your model has ECO sensor, please refer to the User Manual of your monitor.

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