Cannon LX-MU500Z Projector allows user to control it by using PJLink App. This tip will show you in details.

This projector supports standard protocol PJLink for projector control and you can control and monitor projector’s operations using the same application among projectors of different models and different manufacturers.

About PJLink

• To use PJLink function, the PJLink application software is required.

• For the specifications of PJLink, access to the Web site of Japan Business Machine and Information System Industries Association (JBMIA).(

• This projector is fully compliant to the specifications of JBMIA PJLink Class 1. It supports all the commands defined by PJLink Class 1, and the compliance has been verified with the PJLink standard specifications Version 1.4.

Utilizing the password function

To prevent unauthorized connection to the projector via PJLink application, the projector includes an option for setting up password security.

Cannon LX-MU500Z Projector

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