The reason why the PVO projector shows no signal is usually caused by three situations, the specific reasons and solutions are as follows.

  • It may be caused by the wrong signal source. You can open the projection setting, find the signal source device and switch it.
  • The problem may be caused by the failure of the connection cable used. You can try to replace a new cable when connecting the PVO projector to external devices. In addition, make sure the ports are correct.
  • The interruption of data transmission. You can restart the mirroring or connection as the data transmission may be disturbed by the external interruption.
  • The resolution of the PVO projector and laptop output is not matched or supported. You can try to modify the display resolution on the connected laptop.
  • There may be something wrong with the software. You can restart the projector and try again.

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That’s all for the troubleshooting solutions to the PVO projector no signal problem.

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