Artlii Projector Troubleshooting for 2022

Artlii projectors are popular mini video projectors. Some projector beginners may don’t know how to troubleshoot the problems. In this post, we will introduce Artlii projector troubleshooting solutions and some user guidance concerning the projector.

Artlii Projector Troubleshooting

In this section, you can see Artlii projector troubleshooting solutions, which include Artlii projector no sound, Bluetooth not working, won’t turn on, Wi-Fi connection, remote failures, etc.

Artlii Projector No Sound

  • Check the volume of the Artlii projector first as the projector may be mistakenly muted.
  • Most Artlii projectors don’t support Dolby sound. Therefore, remind to turn off the Dolby sound before playing videos on some streaming devices (Generally, you can turn it off by entering Setting and selecting it on sound options).
  • Check whether the Artlii projector is connected to earphones.
  • Check the audio connection cable if you are connecting the projector to an external speaker.
  • Make sure the App is not muted when you watch movies on some streaming platforms.
  • You can try to switch the sound to PCM mode when connecting the Artlii projector to a DVD player.

Artlii Projector Bluetooth Not Working

Artlii Projector Troubleshooting for 2022
  • Make sure the Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Make sure that the Bluetooth device is in the pairing state.
  • Go to projector Setting to turn on Bluetooth and scan, and then select the correct Bluetooth device in the scan results.
  • Try to keep a proper distance between the projector and the Bluetooth device.
  • The Artlii projector had been connected to another device. You need to disconnect the Bluetooth first and connect it to the Bluetooth device that you want to pair.

Artlii Won’t Turn On

  • Make sure the projector’s power cord is well connected to a power socket. Try to unplug the power cord and reconnect it firmly
  • The Artlii projector may be overheated. You can try to cool the projector down and try it later.
  • The Artlii projector may be in sleep mode. You can try to press and hold the power button to start the projector.

Artlii Projector Netflix Failure

Artlii Projector Netflix Failure
  • Netflix can’t be mirrored via smartphone because of copyright protection. It is not the failure of the projector.
  • If you find the projector produces no sound when you watch shows on Netflix, you need to turn off the Dolby sound.
  • To ensure smooth operation, you can connect the Artlii projector to streaing devices such as Amazon Fire TV stick or Roku, or computers via HDMI interface.
  • Netflix may come across hidden and unexpected mistakes and you can take down the error code and find corresponding solutions on the Netflix website.

Artlii Projector Can’t Connect to Wi-Fi

Restart the router and try to connect the Artlii projector to Wi-Fi again.

  • Check whether the password of the Wi-Fi signal is correct.
  • Try to connect the Artlii projector with a mobile phone hotspot to see whether the projector’s Wi-Fi function is normal or not.
  • Restart the projector and try it later.
  • If you have excluded all the solutions above, then you can contact Artlii ([email protected]) for further help.

Artlii Projector Remote Doesn’t Work

  • Make sure the distance between the projector and the remote is within the effective distance. Generally, the distance between the Artlii projector and the remote control should be no more than 4m.
  • Do not cover the IR receiver on the Artlii projector.
  • Point the remote to the IR receiver when using the projector. If you point the remote control to the side panel, it may don’t work.
  • Don’t expose the remote control to strong light or fluorescent light.

Artlii Projector No Signal

  • If the Artlii projector shows no signal, then you can troubleshoot the problem according to the following tips.
  • Make sure you have selected the right input source. You can press the signal source (Input source) and select the correct signal source.
  • The projector and the external device may be disconnected because of no operation for a long time. You can unplug the projector and reconnect the projector to the device.

Artlii Projector Blurry Images

  • Adjust the focus ring first if the image is blurry.
  • Make sure the projection image is within the screen size range. If the projection image is too big, the image may be blurry.
  • The lens may be dirty and you need to clean it regularly.
  • Make sure the video format is supported on the Artlii projector.
  • The ambient light may be too strong. Try to lower the light to improve the viewing effect.

That’s all for the section on Artlii projector troubleshooting. In the next section, we will share how to use the Artlii projector.

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How to Use Artlii Projector?                           

Artlii Projector Setup

  • Unbox your Artlii projector and place it on a flat surface.
  • Connect the Artlii projector to power and turn on the projector.
  • Hang up a screen in front of the Artlii projector.
  • Adjust the position of the Artlii projector to match the projection image with the screen. If you find the image is too small for the screen, then move the Artlii projector farther from the screen. If the image is too big for the screen, then you can move the projector closer to the screen.
  • Adjust the focus of the projector, then the projection image will get clear. If the projection image is not regular and rectangular, you can adjust the position and pointing direction of the projector to adjust the image.
  • Connect the Artlii projector to an external device to access content such as shows or movies. If the projector is a smart projector, then you can access content without connecting it to other devices.
  • Select the corresponding signal as the input source. You can press the signal source button on your remote to choose the right signal.
  • Then, the setup is done.  

How to Connect Artlii Projector to Laptop?

1. Prepare an HDMI cable. If your laptop has no HDMI port then you need to prepare an adapter.

2. Turn on your Artlii projector.

3. Connect one of the HDMI ports to the HDMI interface of the Artlii projector, and plug the other HDMI port into your laptop. If the laptop has no HDMI interface, then connect it to the adapter.

4. Press Windows and P on your laptop to load projection mode.

5. Select Duplicate mode or other modes according to your needs and preferences.

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