This projector is featured with dual built-in speaker that enables you to experience the 3D stereo surround sound effects. Its 3.5mm headphone jack can also allow you to connect your own home theater speaker to our projector very easily.

POYANK QK-02 projector

How to Connect Poyank QK-02 Projector to External Speaker

  1. Prepare a USB cable, plug the cable into the USB port of the VANKYO 470 Pro Projector.
  2. Plug another end into the external speaker, the projector will automatically detect the the speaker and play sound throught the speaker.
  3. Or your speaker cable is for audio jack, you can insert the cable into the 3.5mm audio port on the back of the projector to connect them together

POYANK QK-02 projector is equpped with upgraded 7500Lumens. Its 5 layer LCD display can assure you to get a fidelity projection color and effect as they can adjust the brightness and contrast ratio of each color channel.

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