Browsing content can be realized on Hisense PX1, keep on reading to see how can we finish the task.

Hisense PX1

You have two ways to enter Media:

Media is a central location for you to view or listen to different types of content, such as photos, music and movies.

• Insert a USB device, a prompt message appears, choose whether to go to the media.
• When your USB device is connected to the Hisense PX1 that doesn’t show Media page, press home button to select Apps > Media.

To browse content based on the type that you wish to access:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate menu tab on the screen and select All Media, Videos, Photos, Music.
  2. Click on the name of the folder that contains your content.
  3. Make your selection to play or view the content. If you want to close out of the Media centre, then press left button on your remote

I this case, you can browse and manage the pictures or video files on your Hisense PX1 as you like.

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