In this guide, we will introduce some troubleshooting solutions concerning the Emotn N1 projector.

Emotn N1 Projector Troubleshooting

No Audio

  • Check whether you had pressed the remote control “Mute” button or the volume is too low.
  • Be sure the projector interface “LINE OUT”, “HDMI ARC” or Bluetooth does not connect to the external audio device.
  • Make sure the audio format is supported on the projector.

No Image Output

  • Press the power button on the top cover. If powered on, the button indicator light will turn off.
  • Make sure the power adaptor is properly connected.
  • Check whether the input source of the projector is correct.

No Network

  • Enter settings, and check the network connection status in the network option.
  • Make sure the network cable and “LAN” interface are tightly connected.
  • Check whether the router is configured correctly.

Blurry Image

  • Make sure the TOF on the front panel not be blocked or dirty when using autofocus.
  • If the projection image is still blurry after autofocus, then you can use manual focus by navigating the remote buttons.
  • The projector and screen/wall should be at an effective distance, and the recommended image size should be within the image size range. Too big or too small projection images may be blurry.
  • Clean the projector lens.

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Not Rectangular Image

  • The Emotn N1 should be perpendicular to the screen/wall.
  • Use the keystone correction function to adjust the image.
  • Please make sure the TOF on the front panel not be blocked or dirty to avoid the failure of the auto keystone.
  • The best automatic keystone correction distance is 1.5-2.5m, horizontal ±20°.

Remote Control Doesn’t Work

  • Make sure the remote control is paired successfully via Bluetooth. If the pairing is successful, the indicator light does not flash when the button is pressed.
  • If the pairing is unsuccessful, the Remote Control at IR communication, the indicator light does flash when the button is pressed.
  • Check whether there are interferences or obstructions between the Emotn N1 projector and the remote control.
  • Check the battery charge and installation polarity.
  • Enter settings, open the Bluetooth option to check the Bluetooth device list, and connect the device.

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