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Mystery Box: Mi Smart Projector 2 Unboxing

The Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro features two focus modes, TOF Instant Focus and camera focus respectively. With the assistance of a six-axis gyroscope, your

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Comprehensive Review of JMGO J9 Projector

JMGO projector is a famous projector manufacturer in China. It has a variety of intelligent projection products and has good performance in projection effect. 1. Highlight of

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0.47 inch Chip VS 0.66 inch Chip

0.66 inch DLP chip: The physical resolution is 2716 × 1528, with a total pixel of about 4.15 million, half of 8.3 million pixels. Therefore,

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Is it Worth Buying a Second-hand Projector?

Recently, my friends are inquiring about the price of second-hand projectors. They think the price of new projectors is too high. In order to save


Reivew: Merlin Cube Pro Portable Projector

The Merlin cube HD projector has a large, bright screen and a small size shape that fits in your pocket. This bright and lightweight projector


XGIMI 4K Horizon Pro: Beyond the Old Projector

Horizon Pro is a compact and easy to carry 4K HDR projector, which is easy to install anywhere. Combined with the intelligent function of Android

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A Simple Review of BenQ Projector GV: A TV in Your Pocket!

Appearance: BenQ GV1 has a net weight of only 708g and a volume of 80 x 155 x 80 (mm), which is equivalent to the

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Can the Projector be Turned on for a Long Time?

It is not suggested to turn on the projector for a long time when it is not in use, which will affect the service life

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How to Correct the Screen Image After Ceiling?

Adjust projection mode Traditional projector: 1. When the projector is turned on, press the “menu” button on the remote control or the projector body to

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Have an Overall Look on Home Theater Projector RCA

1. RCA home theater projector RPJ136 3.97 inch projection LCD – larger than similar compact projectors, providing amazing, sharp images and realistic colors. Up to

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JMGO G9 Simple Review: Innovation of Home Projector

Appearance: The appearance design of JMGO G9 is still the traditional disc design, which is very similar to the previous generation of G7s and is

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Tencent Aurora T6 Projection Review

Appearance    The shape of Tencent Aurora T6 is somewhat similar to that of T5. The overall size is 240x240x195.5mm and weighs about 3.77kg. It is

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RUISHIDA S5 Projector Review

Appearance The overall size of the RUISHIDA S5 projector is small and weighs about 1.75kg. Users can easily change the installation position. In addition, the


Have a Look on ViewSonic M2 Projector

ViewSonic M2 can move from one office to another, or slide into a briefcase or backpack and take it on the road. To facilitate presentation


Lenovo L5 Smart LED WIFI Projector on the Line

This projector has a new generation of image quality engine with clear layers. The picture quality of 1080p makes you immersive. The real 1920×1080 ultra

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The Differences between Home Projector and Commercial Projector

Their lumens are different. lumens are equivalent to the “Brightness” unit of the projector. Everyone may have had such experience. When using the projector during the day,

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Do You Know about 0.47 inch DMD Chip?

There are two kinds of 0.47 inch DMD chips, one is 0.47 inch DMD 1080p, and the other is 0.47 inch DMD 4K. There is

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What is SCR?

Sequential color recovery (SCR) is one of the DLP technologies. If we need to understand the definition of Sequential color recovery technology, we first get familiar with

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Xiaomi 2Pro Review:A New Generation of Upgraded Xiaomi Projector

Appearance: The appearance design still uses Xiaomi’s consistent home style. When moving, you can obviously feel the weight of precipitation. With the large-scale appearance of

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JVC 4K Projector DLA-N5 Usage Brief Review

This review is about the entry-level model DLA-N5 in the JVC 4K series. It uses a 0.69-inch original 4K D-ILA panel with the same specification as Zeus in