Less than 3 years after the release of ViewSonic X10-4K, ViewSonic X11-4K has meet the consumer this year. Is it better than the previous model? What updation has ViewSonic X11-4K got in it?

The ViewSonic x10-4K projector combines stunning 4K resolution with smart streaming capabilities to deliver a movie experience anywhere in the home. Images stay vivid and crisp thanks to 2,400 lumens brightness, Rec. 709 compatibility, and a stunning 4K Ultra HD 3840×2160 resolution. An integrated smart Wi-Fi connection lets you stream and binge from your favorite content providers like Netflix and YouTube, while support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant provides the convenience of voice control. This 4k projector has built-in Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers and projection screen size up to 120″ for an immersive large home entertainment experience.

The ViewSonic X11-4K adopts 0.47-inch single-chip DLP technology with 1920 x 1080 micro-mirrors. Specifically, it supports high dynamic range in HLG and HDR10 formats as well as 125% value on the Rec.709 color gamut. The LED lighting source adopts the matrix with two blue LEDs, able to operate for at least 30,000 hours with 2,400 LED Lumens. Its throw ratio is 0.8: 1. The Viewsonic X11-4K adopts its own Smart TV interface with an Apps Center suitable for finding and installing (on the 16 GB of storage, 12 of which are available for the user) the main streaming services (eg Prime Video or Netflix ), but also Plex or Kodi media centers.

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