Why are smart projectors different? The Smart Projector makes it easier for you to do things like stream Netflix on it, without having to plug your Roku or Amazon Fire TV Stick into its HDMI port. This makes your home theater easier, especially if it can recognize and connect to other devices via its own Bluetooth or Internet connection. You don’t need a lot of cables, and some even let you record movies to  it via USB for instant offline viewing.

Different from traditional projectors, the main feature of smart projectors is the built-in smart operating system. The smart projector not only achieves a simple interface, but also has intimate tips for every step, and the functions are increasingly enriched.

Users can not only use it to watch TV, watch movies, wireless projection, screen projection, but also K song, game interaction, mobile power… It is not difficult to find that the smart projection terminal is expected to become a home entertainment center in a new form.

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