Lenovo Xiaoxin 365 Projector Released

Lenovo Xiaoxin has unveiled its latest innovation in the realm of projectors, the Xiaoxin 365. This cutting-edge projector boasts a range of features that promise


The Bright Orange Box: Connecting Classrooms Through Projectors

The Bright Orange Box is a unique and innovative projector that aims to bring a new level of connectivity and engagement to classrooms. Developed by

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Advantages of Smart Projector: Is It Different?

Why are smart projectors different? The Smart Projector makes it easier for you to do things like stream Netflix on it, without having to plug


The Best Smart Projectors|Most Powerful 1080p Projector

This is a list for the best smart projectors, which are the most powerful 1080P projectors. Watch and see which one you like. These smart

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Can Smart Projectors Work as TVs?

In most circumstances, bright projectors can replace the role of TVs. Playing Videos With the improvement of projection technology, many projectors are equipped with incredibly

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What are the benefits of smart projectors

Getting the big picture can be a big chore–and expensive. Just try hauling a 65-inch TV up a flight of stairs or setting it up