HDR is frequently seen in some smart projectors. So, what does HDR mean?

HDR is short for High Dynamic Range. Let’s turn to DR first. DR is a technical term that mathematically describes the range of brightness levels for a given scene. Speaking it simply, it refers to the ratio between the lightest and darkest parts of an image.  HDR makes the bright parts of the image brighter and the dark parts darker. 

What are the functions of HDR?

The main function of HDR is actually to deliver more dark details, which requires a higher brightness of the projector so that more details can be optimized. 

When turning on HDR mode, the film effect will be more excellent and the experience will be better when watching some night scenes or pictures in a large exposure environment. 

HDR Enabled

You can get its function by means of the images above. To conclude, HDR can make the image brighter and sharper with more dark details.

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