HDR refers to High Dynamic Range. HDR 10, or HDR10 Media Profile, is an open high-dynamic-range video (HDR) standard announced by the Consumer Technology Association on 27 August 2015.

What does HDR 10+ Mean in Projector?

HDR 10+, also called HDR 10 plus, adds dynamic metadata to HDR 10 source files. As an improved version of HDR 10, HDR 10+ is introduced by Samsung and Amazon Video on 20 April 2017.

Compared with HDR10, HDR10+ is better in terms of brightness and contrast. HDR 10+ adds dynamic metadata that can adjust the brightness of up to 10,000 nits on a scene-by-scene or frame-by-frame basis. In addition, it also supports up to a 10-bit color depth and 8K resolution.

What does HDR 10+ Mean in Projector?

Advantage of HDR10 +

1. Improved Image quality

HDR 10+ has improved a lot in image quality, providing clear images with more details of bright field and dark field and sense of depth.

2. Royalty-free

HDR10+ is a royalty-free HDR technology. Its competitor Dolby Vision needs royalty.

3. Open standards

The open standard means that any company using HDR10+ can improve it, unlike Dolby Vision.