Their lumens are different. lumens are equivalent to the “Brightness” unit of the projector. Everyone may have had such experience. When using the projector during the day, you have to close the curtains and turn off the lights to see clearly. Such a projector has relatively low lumen. Generally, commercial projectors will reach 2000-5000 lumens while household projectors is only 1000-1500 lumens for reducing the cost.

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In order to meet the needs of watching sports competitions, games, home cinemas and other aspects, the home projector provides a variety of interfaces such as computers, DVDs, DVS, game consoles, high-definition digital TV signals and so on. In order to better integrate into the home environment, the home projector attaches great importance to the fashion of appearance. Piano mirror baking and streamline design are processes rarely considered by commercial projectors.

Commercial projectors usually use DLP projection technology and rely on color wheel color matching. In conference document presentation and PPT document projection, the performance of text is excellent, but the color reduction is slightly inferior to that of LCD projector technology. The vast majority of household projectors are designed and produced by LCD projection technology and LED light source. They have better color expression and are suitable for movies, games and entertainment.

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Commercial projectors pay attention to the two parameters of brightness and contrast. Due to the complex use environment and more interference by ambient light, the brightness is generally about 3000 lumens. Household projectors are usually used indoors with relatively low brightness. Moreover, users have higher requirements for image color, and the machine of LCD projection technology can not be more suitable.

Commercial projectors are usually connected with computers, tablets and other devices, so VGA interface, HDMI interface and USB interface are naturally indispensable. WLAN interface is sometimes needed in the process of business use, and its design is more inclined to multi device connection design. The vast majority of home projectors use VGA interface and HDMI interface, and are equipped with Android system. They can also use LAN to connect the projector. Too many interface designs are too cumbersome.

Most importantly, because the home projector presents a dynamic picture, it is much better than the commercial projector in terms of color and contrast.

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