The brightness is critical for the projector image. Many projector users find their projector image is dim after long-term use, greatly affecting the viewing experience. This post will introduce some causes and solutions to solve the problem.

1. Pollution of the optical path system

The optical pollution is mainly caused by dust and oil stains after long-term accumulation.

Solution: Clean the light path carefully.  

2. The decreased brightness of the lamp

Some projectors adopt lamps as the light source. Generally, the average life span of a lamp is only 2000 to 3000 hours.

Solution: replace a new lamp for the projector.  

3. Power restriction

The power of the projector also affects the brightness.

Solution: close the curtain or turn the lights off to make the room dark. 

4. Improper Brightness Setting

Most projectors support image brightness adjustment. Users can adjust the brightness modem and other parameters based on personal preference.

Solution: adjust the brightness to a higher value in the image setting. If you can’t adjust the image well, you can try to recover to factory default.

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