As a trendy family consumer electronics, the projector is widely used as a substitute for TV to watch videos.

Therefore, the life span of a projector is a top concern among consumers.

Dangbei F1C

The life span of a projector is determined by the light source.

Presently, the light source of the projector can be divided into 3 main kinds, traditional UHP, LED, and laser light sources.

The traditional UHP projector can work for about 3,000 hours in normal mode, while the lamp life of an LED projector and laser projector is generally over 30,000 hours. 

The lamp life of traditional projectors lasts 2000-4000 hours, whose brightness weakens after 2, 000 hours. Therefore, it needs to be replaced regularly to ensure picture quality. 

At present, the mainstream household projector uses LED light lamps.

For example, Dangbei F1C can work more than 10 years (8h/day) without repeated replacement of light source.

Dangbei F1C

Though we can’t change the light source life, we can do something to make it work longer.

Here are the tips for helping your projector live longer.

  • Power off the projector when not in use because the long standby state will shorten the service life of the light source.
  • Clean the projector regularly.
  • Do not power off suddenly during normal operation.
  • If the dissipation vent of the projector is blocked, remove it in time. 

If you use your projectors carefully, the life span of the projector is long enough.

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