Samsung Premiere is a smart projector supporting software updates. This post will share 3 methods to update the software on the Samsung Premiere projector.

Samsung Premiere Projector

Method 1: Updating through the Internet

Settings>Support>Software Update>Update Now

This method requires a stable internet connection.

Method 2: Updating through a USB Device

Settings>Support>Software Update>Update Now

Before updating via a USB device, you need to download the file from the Samsung website and store it on a USB device, connect the USB device to the Samsung Premiere projector to update.

Samsung Premiere Projector Software Update Guide

Method 3: Automatic Update

Settings>Support>Software Update> Auto Update

If the Samsung Premiere projector is connected to the Internet, you can have the Projector’s software update itself automatically while you are using the projector. When the background update is completed, it is applied the next time the projector is turned on.

If you agree to the Smart Hub terms and conditions, Auto Update is set to On automatically. If you want this function disabled, use the Select button to turn it off. This method also requires an internet connection.

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