Samsung The Freestyle projector is special for its incredible 180° view and flexible setup. This post will tell you how to set the projector or adjust the image to get optimal viewing. The details are as follows.

  • Press and hold the Home button on the remote of your Samsung Freestyle projector.
  • Select All Settings, then select General & Privacy.
  • Select Projector Settings.

Then you can see the following options.

Samsung Freestyle setting

Keystone Correction: You can adjust the horizontal and vertical orientation of the screen if it is not centered. Select Keystone, and then press Enter on the remote to select either Auto or Manual. Then, use the directional buttons to move the screen in your preferred direction.

Focus: The Freestyle projector will automatically focus when you start projecting onto a new surface. However, you can fine-tune this if needed. Select Focus, and then press Enter on the remote to select either Auto or Manual. If you select Auto, the projected image will begin focusing on its own.

Samsung Freestyle

Scale and Move Screen: You can enlarge or reduce the screen size, as well as move the screen around. Select Scale and Move Screen, and then use the left and right buttons to increase or decrease the screen size. Then, select Move Screen and move the screen around as needed. Select Done when you’re finished.

Projection Mode: You can change the direction of the projected image. Select Projection Mode, and then select Front, Front Ceiling, Rear, or Rear Ceiling.

Samsung Freestyle image

High-Altitude Mode: You can turn the mode on to prevent The Freestyle from overheating at high altitudes. The fan of the Samsung Freestyle projector will turn on when this setting is enabled. (Samsung The Freestyle should not be used at a height greater than 10,000 feet.)

Setup Guide: you can view information and instructions about setting up Samsung The Freestyle projector.

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