If the remote of your Puppy Cube is unresponsive or doesn’t work at all, you can check the following conditions for troubleshooting.

Puppy Cube Remote Doesn’t Work Troubleshooting

1. Check whether the projector and remote are paired successfully.

2. You can simultaneously press the back button and menu button to pair the remote and the projector. You can also go to the “System Settings” and then to “Connections”. Select “Bluetooth”->”Available Devices” for pairing. If you can’t pair them, you can tap the “Puppy Remote” option in the list, select “Disconnect” in the dialog box that appears, and then follow the pairing steps to pair the remote again.

3. Check the battery of the remote. You can use a standard Micro-USB port to charge the remote.

Puppy Cube Remote indicators

4. You can check the table above to see the conditions of the remote.

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